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"Once you stop learning, you start dying" [Albert Einstein].
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NTSL (Network Trading Solutions Leadershift) core background has been in Microsoft & NeverFail Technology Consulting, delivering Enterprise Solutions to Blue Chip Organizations globally, since 1994.

In 2001 we have been building on that foundation to start other business ventures including Gas Oil Consultancy; Mentorship on honing skills to Trade Global Equity Markets in ANY Direction; Counselling and Development of Business Startup and Growth.


If you are educated about the Pending World Crisis that is unfolding, you can be well prepared to protect your family and grow your wealth at the same time. Here are a few things to consider that'll help you and your business get ready for the future.

Building a Business without Walls  >> Startup or Existing Business
Building a global business can be a daunting task if you don't under the world of the Digital Age. In the world of Digital Marketing, Experience is Reassuring. We have been doing it since 2001. Give your Business a Digital tune up.
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Trading Global Equity Markets In ANY Direction
Since Belgium established the world's first stock exchange in 1531, it has produced more millionaires than any other vocation. It is the fastest growing industry & main engine driving businesses across the industrialised world today. When you understand it, it will work for you!.
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Become a Global Player in OIL & Gold Markets
Oil is very important to our modern economy that over 75% of what we need to sustain it come from Oil bye-products. Explore the opportunities in this market! Learn how the Oil Market works and how you can become a global player.
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SME Disasters Recovery Plan. Act Now As You Will Need It One Day!
IT issues, like Data Loss, can seriously impact your business operations.  Big issues are collections of little ignorable issues that develop and grow over time. You need a verifiable Disasters  Recovery plan to deal with unexpected issues. Don't let it take down your business!  Find out more.
NTSL Equity Market BootCamp. Register Now and Learn LIVE!
Learn to trade Equity Market in Any Direction like the top 5% of Traders do to build and protect wealth in a consistent manner. Understand Equity Market and how to Manage Risks, it will work for you. Find out more.
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