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Our Ageless Tip: In stock market universe, never trade expert's opinion, trade your plan!

Our Goal:
We don't trade news uni-directionally, opinions or fundamentals. We trade on only chart’s technical analysis. We do not hold a position over a stock's earning report or news unless position is hedged using Options spreads and or ETFs. ALWAYS TRADE YOUR PLAN!

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Tips & Tricks

Your tips and tricks that are helping you in your trade are highly welcome. Please use the registration button below to submit yours. Once it is reviewed it will be published with your credit to it.

Always Watch DJ

Always watch the DJ! Why the DJ is important to watch is not because it is the most representative index of the US market. It is simply because most institutions make a pride of place by carrying blue chip stocks in their portfolio at all times. As these institutions are the bigges, shakers and movers in the market, what happens to the DJ-30 is a barometer to gauge their investment mood.

Market uses news as excuses for what it is really up to. When not interested, it simply snubs them. Trade your plan!

About NTSL

We specialize in Options Spreads Trading Mentorship. With our various hedged strategies you can trade global stock markets in any direction with no fear.

Market Updates
Jul, 2015
Host of Equity Market Indicators are still showing that gold's recent rally is a bear market rally, and not the start of a new bull market.

Be very nimble with Gold Trade in the short term. The biggest portion of gains in gold right now has come from short covering, not from an influx of fresh cash and eager buyers.

So get ready >> http://www.ntsl.bz/hone
Aug, 2015
Equity Stocks nosedive over the past couple of weeks is merely a much overdue correction within a new longer-term bull market. It's going to be ugly at times! In the meantime, play the short side with inverse ETFs and Stock Options. Get ready to pounce all over stocks as soon as this temporary bear market ends

The most valuable Skill you ever acquired in Equity Market is the Skill to Trade a Falling Market. Learn how to Rip Profit using Option Strategies >> http://www.ntsl.bz/hone
November 28, 2011

Classic bounce from 500SMA - point A. The market knows where it is going. Market uses news as excuses for what it is really up to. When not interested, it simply snubs them. Trade your plan NOT NEWS!

Chart for long term investors. 5year DOW Jones 30 (Daily Chart)
Aug, 2015

The market is pointing south for the long term. See charts below. A great strategy is to find weak instruments and take long term Options Spreads Positions in anticipation for downward moves, and then continue to SWINGTRADE rebounds. This strategy will multiply your portfolio in an amazing way.

If you have a solid DayTrading plan, and of disciplined mind, this is also a market for scalpers.

Good luck!
October 27, 2011

Point marked X is a critical point to watch in the next few days. Some profit taking may be in order.  A DOW move above 12,688 will keep the current uptrend intact. The chart is for long term investors.

October 25, 2011
We are now clearly in the season for active SWING Trade due to the wild swings in the market. A good timing will consistently deliver awesome profits.

SWING TRADING is awesome during market in correction, especially with Leveraged ETFs.

The most profitable SWING stock market strategy is SWINGTRADING with Options using 2-4 days holding period. You can multiple your returns up to  seven times with the same amount of capital you use for buying stocks and leveraged ETFs.

Remember: Let the charts lead you  in your decisions. Be consistent in trading your plan.

Good luck.
Tips and Tricks For Trading
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TIP 01

Cut the Risk in Your Portfolio by up to 70%!

Option Spreads is the perfect way to approach the stock market in these volatile, changing times. This is how professional traders (i.e. people inside the walls of financial markets - the Floor Traders, Institutions, Fund Managers, etc) approach the market, cut their risks, protect their portfolios and build wealth in a steady and consistent manner.

A good trader always wants to know how much is at risk for every given trade. The trader then adopts a strategy that will lock those risks to the minimum. As the trader does this and executes the trading plan flawlessly the profit takes care of itself.

Three indispensable virtues of a good trader or investor:


Give your trading strategy enough time to work. Trade for profits over time not over night.

.... by NTSL
TIP 02

Don't try to call the bottom or top of any stock or market. It's a loser's game! Let Technical Analysis lead your decision.

.... by NTSL
TIP 03

Observe last hour of trading in Stock Market for hints on how market will open next day.

.... by NTSL
TIP 04

Leveraged ETFs are mainly intended for short-term trading - a few days at most. This is due to slippage effects.

....  by NTSL

TIP 05

Pair Trading Strategy

Pair Trading can help minimize losses.

Pair trading is a popular stock-trading strategy, especially in very volatile markets that we have currently. It gives you the opportunity to capture a dislocation between two stocks or currencies by taking a long position in one instrument and simultaneously taking a short position in another — in equal dollar amounts.

In identifying a good pair trade, you would look for two instruments that share the same industry, the same sector or simply have a strong historical statistical correlation. Yet for the time being, the share price of one may have gone up (the one you go short), while the other company's stock (the one you go long) went down. Your trade is successful when prices come back to the historical norms of the trading relationship.

If you are trading two like-companies (long one, short another) with similar economic exposures and similar historical price characteristics, you are hedged to an extent regardless of where the market goes. And your trade should make money if you are right about the divergence in value among the two securities. That is one of the key benefits of pair trading strategies. It is the ability to strip out the influence of the general market or sector performance on your trade. After all, those influences should have a similar impact on both the long and short component of the pair trade. That is why pair trading is sometimes referred to as "market neutral."

....  by NTSL
TIP 06

Market (same for stocks) Support/Resistance

Market always knows its support and resistance and it will always trade in that range until it breaks either support or resistance.

Technicians have known for decades that the market often violates the support level without setting off a downside cascade. A commonly allowed penetration is 5%.

This is what is responsible for triggering your STOP LOSSES and then you found the market turned up and soared. The combination of your hedged strategy and the understanding of PRICE FLOW would have avoided your stop loss being triggered.

.... by NTSL
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